When I first met Lindsay, she was shy and mentioned that she doesn’t connect well with people. A few months later, after we both went to a Master NLP training, I saw her go through an emotional transformation. She reminded me of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. NLP helped her to release and clear up a lot of limiting beliefs and negative emotions. She bloomed!
I was thrilled to take her branding pictures and stylistic headshots in her new emotional state. Lindsay’s photos are amazing.

After our classes, we both started our new coaching businesses using NLP. Now, I can make a person beautiful on the outside through my photography, and I can also help you to be and feel beautiful on the inside as well.

When you release all of your negative emotions and limiting beliefs about yourself, you will feel so much better, so much more free, and happy. Your emotional state of being will rise to the top. It will not be nailed down by limiting beliefs. If you would like to learn more about how NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) can help you, check out and contact me on my Facebook page: @Changes Inside Out.

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